about us

The Ozone Cape team is a highly experienced, committed and self-driven component and one of the company’s biggest assets.  Having such a resource-base within the operation allows clients to receive proper guidance and assistance in applying our various ozone therapy products within their lifestyles, whether it is as a business operation or for personal use.

Our drive to fully address every aspect of our market demand, Ozone Cape is in its final stages for the setting-up of our own clinic as well as training centre allowing both business operators and public users to increase their knowledge of Ozone Therapy, the value proposition it offers a lifestyle, and its benefits.

Our Product Range

In different ways and applications, Ozone forms part of all the Oxymed products ensuring the user of proper Ozone therapy.  Our products can be applied in different ways to treat different conditions, body parts or simply for strengthening and purification of the human body -  inside and outside!  

Our product offering can be divided into two ranges. Range A includes all our products used by businesses (commercial sector) as a service offering and typically includes health spa’s, beauty salon’s and health consultants.  It can also include commercial areas such as offices. Whereas, Range B primarilyfocuses on addressing household needs within the domestic market sector.

Promote a healthy & quality lifestyle physically and mentally