business opportunity
Nr of clients booked Income per month Income per year
1 R2 000 R24 000
2 R4 000 R48 000
3 R6 000 R72 000
4 R8 000 R96 000
5 R10 000 R120 000
6 R12 000 R144 000
7 R14 000 R168 000
8 R16 000 R192 000
9 R18 000 R216 000
10 R20 000 R240 000
11 R22 000 R264 000
12 R24 000 R288 000
13 R26 000 R312 000
14 R28 000 R336 000
15 R30 000 R360 000
Break-eaven point is *only* one (1) client per month should you want to lease or purchase on credit facilities.


Nr of clients per day Income per month Income per year
1 R6 000 R72 000
2 R12 000 R144 000
3 R18 000 R216 000
4 R24 000 R288 000
5 R30 000 R360 000
6 R36 000 R432 000
7 R42 000 R504 000
8 R48 000 R576 000
9 R54 000 R648 000
10 R60 000 R720 000
Break-eaven point is *only* one (1) client per month should you want to lease or purchase on credit facilities.

Choosing your Ozone Business Supplier:

  • What your client wants?
    Differenciate your market offering with the most sophisticated, advanced and highly technological equipment addressing more than just a physical treatment but also ensures mental treatment.

    Have your bussiness supported by unique products, quality and proven results, proper research and ongoing product innovation and improvement empowering your bottom-line performance.

    Our business and product credibility is a proven factor as Ozone Cape Ozone Technology was selected as the official sponsor for the 2008 Harmony Gold Cycle Team. As a result driven and orientated operational culture we extend our sponsorship into a proper study as the team's performance and health will be monitored to ensure an improved result.

  • What do you want

    As a business owner your requirement is a reliable source of supply, backed by an effective national maintenance supporting structure to ensure an efficient execution of our commitment to you as our valuable client. With Ozone Cape being the pioneers in successfully introducing Ozone technology to the South African market and our continuous growth enabled us to extend our product offering to the international markets as from next year, including Dubai, Australia, Poland, Russia and the Unites States. This fact provide you with the necesary piece-of-mind that as company Ozone Cape will remain to exist, servicing your business and purchased equipment.

  • Why you want to be associated with Ozone Cape:

    Natural behaviour of any successful business person is to be associated with the best. All of our products are supported by proven track records and testimonials from users. The market reality remains that 98% of the products in the field carries the Ozone Cape brand. Needless to mention, Ozone Cape enjoys the biggest range of lifestyle and natural remedy equipment as well as intelectual material in South Africa.

Promote a healthy & quality lifestyle physically and mentally