after sales service and support

Our current and existing clientele is probably one of our strongest advertising mediums simply because of our after sales support and service. It is clearly understood by Ozone Cape that our client’s success, is our success factor and ongoing growth as many of our products are sold simply through mouth-to-mouth promotion.

It is therefore a strategic factor for Ozone Cape Ozone Technology to ensure a committed and reliable after sales support function.  This function exceeds only servicing of units sold, but even go as far a providing you with knowledge, research, referrals and training opportunities regarding ozone therapy which empowers you with an improved offering.

A complete list of probable solutions to your faulty machine.

Alcoholic, chain smoker:
Male 42 after 3 treatments of ozone symptoms of fatigue and insomnia and also cravings for smoking and alcohol was gone!
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Benefits of the Steam Sauna:
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