air purifiers

Benifits of air purification

electrostatic air purifier

Easy Cleaning Electrostatic Dust Collector
Charcoal Filter or Ozone Filter
Simple Manual Switch
Two Mode Operation – High and Low
Nice Blue Decorative Light
Quiet and Suitable for Bedroom Use
Optional Components: UV Lamp, Negative Ion Generator
Maximum Power – 12V
Unit Size : (L)169x(W)140x(H)420mm and 2Kg


Ozone Cape specialises in domestic, commercial and industrial air purification


air purifier with ozone and hepa filter

Multi-stages Cleaning : Pre-filter, HEPA filter, OZONE
Separate OZONE Button
Remote Control
Four Fan Speeds Selectable
1 to 8 Hours Timer
HEPA 10,000 Hours Change Alarm and Reset Button
OZONE Output: 50mg/hour to 500mg/hour
Suitable for room up to 80sq/m
Unit Size : (L)420x(W)122x(H)300mm and 4Kg

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